Provailen And Arthritis

Provailen bottleArthritis can be a painful and debilitating condition, and sadly many of the treatments available are pretty severe or rely on strong drugs with concerning side effects.

So it’s worth at least exploring the alternatives before feeling pressured into any route that feels too serious. Or while you wait for those options to become available to you.

And one of those non-prescription alternatives with a growing body of scientific study behind it is Provailen. Studies have shown the effectiveness of the all natural active ingredients as powerful anti-inflammatories and pain relievers – demonstrating them to be safe and effective for joint health.

You can read more about the science in our detailed Provailen review.

What Are The Provailen Ingredients?

The ingredients are not a secret, it is made up of 3 key active ingredients:-

  • Reishi – long used by Chinese medicine and derived from a mushroom, this highly concentrated form is included to both balance your immune system (helping prevent it damaging your joints), and as a powerful anti-inflammatory to relieve swelling and pain
  • Capsaicin – is now regularly used in topical treatments to help block and relieve pain. Here it is used to help boost the effects of the other ingredients, increasing blood flow particularly aimed at those areas with small or restricted vessels, common in joints.
  • Tongkat Ali – a potent pharmaceutical grade extract is used to help repair damaged joints, by strengthening weak or undersized mussels, and enhancing bone density.

Provailen Side Effects

There are no known harmful side effects when you use this product.

Is Provailen Safe?

The supplement is produced in a pharmaceutical lab which is FDA Registered. The ingredients are all natural ingredients, which are highly refined and as pure as possible.

All of which makes Provailen a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, with no known side effects and no known drug interactions.

Provailen Dosage

Simply start at just one tablet a day, increasing to one in the morning and one in the evening.

This may be sufficient but you can also gradually increase to adding another tablet if you feel you need to. The effects vary from person to person, as some people feel the benefits with a couple of weeks, whilst others take longer.

Studies have also shown it can take 2 months for the full benefits of reishi are noticed.

Because of this it’s suggested you plan to trial Provailen for between 2 and 6 months.


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