Natural Remedies For Arthritis Pain

Natural Remedies?Arthritis pain can be so debilitating it can become hard to move and do those simple daily tasks. Of course there are plenty of pain medications available, prescription and non-prescription, but they normally come with various side effects.

So here are a few natural alternatives you might like to try, which may help to provide you with at least some relief.

Hot Compress

This is by far the easiest natural home remedy for pain. Simple hot and cold compresses can be used to provide quick and immediate relief.

A hot compress increases circulation to the affected area which stimulates healing. A cold compress is useful for removing pain since it reduces inflammation by constricting the blood vessels. It also temporarily deadens the nerves in the area, reducing the intensity of the pain.

Aside from hot and cold packs sufferers can get the same results by exercising in heated pools or taking a warm bath. Exercising in hot water improves flexibility and circulation to the joints.


Boswellia is one herb that reduces pain without the usual side effects. Boswellic acid is a primary component of the boswellia resin and is the component which contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Some studies revealed that the action of the boswellic resin is similar to that of NSAIDs, a group of drugs used in the reduction of arthritis pain. However, Boswella has no GI or blood thinning side effects, which makes it an interesting possibility for patients who have arthritis and blood disorders.

Chilli Peppers

chilli peppersThe ingredient in chillies that creates the heat that we enjoy in certain foods is called capsaicin.

And this interesting ingredient has also been shown to have some impressive effects at relieving pain when used in a cream on the affected areas.

It is also just one of the active ingredients used in natural remedies such as Provailen (see our Provailen review)

You have to be a little careful when using though, as just like when you chop chilli peppers you don’t want to touch your eyes or any other sensitive areas of the body before washing your hands thoroughly.

Bryonia Alba

This a homeopathic herb from the cucumber family that is suggested for relieving arthritis pain.

It is said to be good at removing pain around the joints and muscle tissue and eliminating inflammation around the joints.

Homeopoathy has little to no scientific evidence to support it however, and has only ever been shown to be ineffective by research studies. But a large community of people still insist it works for them.

Incorrect consumption may cause toxicity, however, so it is important to consult with a doctor before using this plant for arthritis pain.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has long been used for a variety of purposes, from calming an upset stomach to reducing inflammation.

Fresh ginger contains gingerols, which has anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve the inflammation that occurs in arthritic joints. Regular intake of ginger tea may help reduce the swelling, redness and pain that comes with arthritis.

Aside from inflammation, ginger is also good for relieving feelings of nausea and vomiting.

It is also important to remember that a person can normally consume up to 4 grams a day without any side effects. Too much can lead to some side effects like heartburn and digestive irritation, so moderation is also important.

Ice Cream..?

ice creamIce cream has calcium which is something arthritis sufferers should have more of, as it can helpĀ  bones withstand the damage that occurs when cartilage starts to wear down.

But ice cream is also very high in refuned sugars and fat, which every arthritis diet would strongly recommend avoiding. So you’re probably better off getting extra calcium from healthier food sources or from supplements.

Lower quality ice creams are also full of additives too which may also negatively affect arthritic conditions. So if you do feel the need for an ice cream reward, at least make sure it’s a quality ice cream, and if you can buy only in single serving tubs to avoid over-indulging.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is essential for reduction of arthritis pain. Too much weight puts pressure on the joints, which increases the pain and increases the risk of bone damage. Which is why sufferers are generally advised to lose weight with diet and exercise.

Water exercises are good for those suffering from debilitating arthritis since the water reduces the pressure on the knee and hip joints while allowing the person to burn a few calories on a regular basis.

Arthritis pain can be mild to severe. And the degree of effectiveness of any natural arthritis remedies can vary from person to person. It is important to consult with a doctor first to make sure that any alternative remedies will not cause any untoward reactions, especially if you are taking other medications for your condition.

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