Provailen Review: Can It Work For You?

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There’s been a lot of buzz recently about a new product called Provailen and how it can help with arthritis.

So here I’m going to take a look at the product, what’s in it, the science behind it and if it really does work as well as some people say.

Firstly, What Is Provailen?

Well the first important thing to note is that this is not a prescription drug. This is a supplement containing 3 main active ingredients chosen to relieve joint pain, ease symptoms of arthritis and strengthen damaged joints.

Now those are some fairly bold claims. Particularly as this kind of arthritis relief often requires fairly strong pain killers and anti-inflammatories.

But before we take a closer look at those claims, let’s just take a quick look at the company who make it.

Provailen is made by ‘RDK Global’, who have been in the pharmaceutical industry for 7 years now. They have a main distribution center based in Dallas, Texas as well as an office in Scotland in the UK. The manufacturing laboratory is FDA approved.

So Does It Work?

There are 3 main ingredients in the product, each chosen for a different but related purpose.

The first is reishi, which is a concentrated extract from a form of fungus or mushroom. It has a very long history of use in chinese medicine, but has only relatively recently been noticed by those of us in the Western world.

But scientific studies have now shown there can be significant benefits gained from this ingredient:-

A 1993 a study (published by Lin, J.M., C.C. Lin, H.F. Chiu, J.J. Yang & S.G. Lee) demonstrated that reishi extracts had a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. This has also now been backed up by a number of additional studies such as these in 2007 (Chemistry & Biodiversity, Vol.4, Iss.2, p.224) and 2008 (Phytochemistry, Vol.69, Iss.1, p.234).

It’s also significant to note that reishi has also been shown to help regulate immune response – as rheumatoid arthritis is of course an autoimmune disease.

The next ingredient used is capsaicin, which is a substance derived from chili peppers, used here in a pure pharmaceutical form.

Capsaicin has been used before in a number of creams to apply direct to painful joints. And again studies have shown some significant pain relief can be achieved.

For example in a trial at Case Western Reserve University in 1991, 80% of patients in the trial experienced significant pain reduction within 2 weeks.

Here capsaicin is used to help increase blood flow to damaged or restricted blood vessels in joints or scar damaged tissue.

The other main ingredient is an extract of ‘tongkat ali‘ – a small native Indonesian flowering plant. This is included to help counter muscle wastage.

The idea is to improve muscle strength and bone density around affected joints, and allow the body to begin repairing joints.

A study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine (2003, Vol.37, Iss.5) demonstrated some pretty clear muscle improvements with use of tongkat ali extract by volunteers undertaking a weight training program.

Provailen use a 50 times concentrated extract of tongkat ali.

What Do Real People Say About Provailen

We know science does not have a cure for arthritis. Not yet anyway. So it’s no secret that all those prescription drugs are just about pain relief and reducing inflammation.

But it is shocking to hear about someone who takes all the drugs the doctors recommend for 20 years, plus more drugs to counter the ill effects of those drugs. Only to find he gets 80% reduction in his symptoms by using a non-prescription product with no known side effects! He even stopped taking all the prescriptions.

Here’s the video he made that I found on YouTube:-

And these aren’t the only stories I found either.

There are touching stories about people getting back some of the old life they used to enjoy. Such as these from the companies website:-

Lloyd A. loved playing sports. But arthritis put a stop to that, with golf being the one he really missed most. He tried various things but nothing came close to Provailen and he now plays golf again every week.

Jack M. says he is now back to enjoying being able to get out walking and cycling again.

And people who are just enjoying less pain in their daily lives:-

Betty P. says it took 7 weeks but the mobility she has regained in her joints, and the pain reduction is wonderful. And it keeps getting a little better week by week.

Or Shirley M. who simply says in 3 years Provailen is the only thing that has made her free of pain.

What To Watch Out For

The first thing to be aware of is that some people do suffer a ‘healing response’ when they start taking Provailen.

Which means they started feeling worse at first as their body adjusted. This could take the form of headaches, pimples or diarrhea for example.

But according to the company for the people who do experience this, it stops after the first few weeks. But obviously if you’re pregnant or suffer with other conditions (e.g. heart disease/blood pressure) then you should always consult a physician before starting.

The second thing is that whilst some people show results pretty quickly, the scientific studies have shown it can take 2 months for ingredients such as reishi to give a benefit.

So if you’re not feeling any benefits after 6 months, then you can be fairly sure the product is not going to work for you.

Where Can You Get Provailen?

Provailen bottlesPlease be aware the product is only available direct from the original manufacturers.

So if you see it anywhere else online or in a store, be very careful as you’re probably not getting the genuine original product.

There is also another good reason to buy direct too. Because if you buy 3 bottles, they will actually give you a 4th bottle for free.

It’s not a particularly expensive product anyway at a regular price of $49.95 a bottle (which is a 30 day supply at 2 tablets per day).

But as it seems wise to plan to try Provailen for at least 2 months, it makes sense to order 2 or 3 bottles anyway to try it out properly and give it a chance to work.

So choosing 3, and getting a 4th bottle free is obviously a great way to keep the cost down.

UPDATE: When I tried, I also got a surprise $15 rebate on top of the free bottle when ordering a 3-pack! Which effectively gives you free insured shipping plus an extra dollar off to boot. Hopefully that will happen for you too 🙂

In Summary

There does appear to be some good scientific research behind the ingredients used in Provailen.

And there are certainly some very moving and impressive stories from people who have had very impressive results from taking it.

Given that the alternative currently seems to be just an endless stream of prescription drugs with concerning side effects, Provalien does make a very good case for itself – and at least giving it a trial period.